About Billy Ray Chitwood

-Graduated from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA – BA degree in English
-Served honorably in the US Navy
-Taught high school ‘Advanced Writing’ course
-Acted in film, stage, and television
-Worked in Sales & Marketing Management
-Own a family business
-Have written eleven books and several short stories (12th book in the oven)
-Writing is therapy for my soul
-Live on The Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee with wife Julie Anne & George the cat

Billy Ray Chitwood’s Books

A Common Evil

Former sleuth Bailey Crane and lovely wife Wendy are enjoying their penthouse pleasures until a cartel sting operation at their Mexican resort brings chaos and emotional uncertainty into a blurry reality. Wendy is kidnapped, and Bailey faces the demons running loose in his mind as he struggles with his choices. Also President of the resort’s… [Read More]

The Reluctant Savage

Marcie Madden and Billy Jay Campbell were high school sweethearts and very much in love. Separated by years of military service and advanced education, they reunite and find themselves suddenly in a world of mystery and intrigue. Billy’s best friend and co-worker is murdered. Marcie’s husband is a law partner with a man of evil… [Read More]

Mama’s Madness

A story inspired by a northern California news account a few years ago … Some of the details in this fictional penning are true. Some of the details are exaggerated and are simply the work of the author’s imagination. What is clearly evidenced in this novel is the coldness of a mother’s heart and the… [Read More]

Butterflies and Jellybeans – A Love Story

Strangers, Jason Priest and Jenny Mason pass each other on a jogging path when lightning strikes… Thus begins a love story with some extra elements – sibling rivalry, a gambling habit beyond sound reason, murder, a grandmother’s secret, and a long desert odyssey to truth. Keep the tissues handy! A wonderful love story.

Joe Public’s Political Perspective

“Joe Public’s Political Perspective” is a book of observations from a US citizen who does not apologize for his conservative leanings. However, the author of this book understands that one political party does not hold all the answers to critical issues facing our nation. The current Democratic president, his administration and Democratic-controlled Senate have created… [Read More]

An Arizona Tragedy – A Bailey Crane Mystery (Book 1)

Meet Bailey Crane, a transplanted son of the south. Bailey is an auxiliary detective, has a soft rep business that brings in easy money, and he’s a part-time actor. Bailey’s got golf, love, money, friends, a hearty life, and he carries an amusing personality with him wherever he goes. He’s a rowdy, good looking rogue… [Read More]

Satan’s Song – A Bailey Crane Mystery (Book 2)

A young woman is murdered in a most gruesome way. The authorities have no leads in the case, and Bailey Crane is sought out by the victim’s desperate mother. She must know the awful truth of her daughter’s death, must come to some semblance of closure. Homicides of young women in other states arouse Bailey’s… [Read More]

The Brutus Gate – A Bailey Crane Mystery (Book 3)

Murder in Pueblo del Mar – A Bailey Crane Mystery (Book 4)

A Soul Defiled – A Bailey Crane Mystery (Book 5)

The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son

What Happens Next? A Life’s True Tale

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