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Bonnie McKernan started her career as an advertising executive before making the unconventional switch to copywriter years later. She has lived on three continents and draws from her travels to write historical romantic adventures that, in her words, "blend lighthearted amusement with themes you'll want to chew on" .

Her debut novel Cliff of the Ruin was recently awarded the Writer's Digest Mark of Quality, and Bonnie was voted "Best Up & Coming Author" by Affaire de Coeur reader/writer poll.

Bonnie McKernan’s Books

Cliff of the Ruin

From post-Civil War New York to Ireland’s emerald shores, a lawyer investigates a bizarre case linking an ancient legend to the woman he can’t forget. There are three good reasons why dashing Civil War hero and New York lawyer William Teague cannot tell artist Mae Kendrick he’s in love with her. One, she told him… [Read More]

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