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I was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania. I came from a family of eleven children. I have five brothers and five sisters. The first six of us were born in a small farmhouse on a 200 acre farm owned by our parents. Life was simple and fun for us.
I attended Kennard Dale High and graduated from York Vo-Tech in York, Pa.
I married Robert G. Comer in September, 1969. We have four children and six grandchildren and live in Red Lion, Pa.

My oldest sister, Gloria, died in 2005 from ovarian cancer. Our father,the strongest and wisest man I have ever known, died in 2009, and we miss them both. I have found that you have to appreciate the people you love today, for they may be gone tomorrow.
I began reading as an elementary student and have not stopped. I can get lost or even lose a few hours of time and wonder where the time went, just by reading a good book!
I love reality fiction! Mystery, drama, suspense etc. ..... but never dreamed I could write one.

Donna Lee Comer’s Books


What happens to a person who suffers from D.I.D.? Psychologists say a traumatic childhood can cause dissociative identity disorder, or a split personality. Is one personality aware of the other? Can one personality control the other? Some may react violently. Philadelphia Police Detective Ben Considine, knelt down for a closer look at the body. He… [Read More]

A Child A Mother Should Love – Vol 2

A Child A Mother Should Love, Volume Two, continues as six-year-old Annie Lawson is taken to the hospital. She is unable to speak after witnessing her step-father’s murder. Her mother, Jill Lawson Hawkins, claims she shot her husband in self-defense to protect her life and the life of her daughter. Annie’s doctor, Dr. Van Horne,… [Read More]

A Child A Mother Should Love -vol 1

A narcissistic young mother who lived in a self serving, self centered world of her own with no room for anything that would get in the way of her “beautiful” life! The story is about a quite beautiful Jill Lawson Hawkins, who graduated from her Alma Mater as- “Girl most beautiful and most likely to… [Read More]

A Day For A Day

A Day For A Day is my first book. I had an idea about a mid thirties housewife whose six year old daughter was abducted from a playground. The fictional Maggie Taylor was devastated. A search party was formed immediately but to no avail. Maggie and husband Jim Taylor are offered to plead for their… [Read More]

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