About Bob Rich

In 2007, one of my clients entered my name in Preditors and Editors’ poll on best editor — and I won. You can read testimonials from many satisfied editing clients. I regularly edit books for a number of independent publishers, and for a steady stream of authors pre-submission. When I review a book, I can’t help being an obsessive editor, and give the author my suggestions for improvement. My conditions for reviewing a book: If I consider a book to be worth 4 or 5 stars, I will provide a public review. I’ll publish it in my newsletter http://wp.me/P3Xihq-1 and happily post it on any web site you specify. You may use it in any way you wish, with a link back of course. However, I don’t trample on another writer’s baby. If I don’t consider the book to be excellent, I will privately let the author know why, pointing out what in my opinion are its good points, and where it needs improvement. Also, I am not interested in certain genres. Naturally, I expect the same in return. Please check out my books at http://bobswriting.com If you like my writing, send me a blurb of your book, and the first approx. 1000 words, to bob at bobswriting.com