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Barbara Lougheed was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She moved to Florida for the warmer, calmer weather, and has now lived through multiple freezes and hurricanes.

She worked as a database map analyst at a major newspaper before her early retirement. She loves analyzing data and looking for patterns, and this trait has served her well as a thyroid researcher. This knack for medical research led her to write TiredThyroid.com and to publish the book Tired Thyroid:  From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSH Rule. Her love of travel, photography, and food then led her to write WhereWeVacation.com and two travel ebooks, A Hawaiian Family Vacation: Oahu, and A Hawaiian Family Vacation: Maui. She also wrote a children’s book with her husband, It’s Okay to be Different Thorina-Bina, about their unique cat. Read more on BarbaraLougheed.com.

– See more at: https://www.bookworks.com/book/tired-thyroid/#sthash.d5SM3AqE.dpuf

Barbara S Lougheed’s Books

It’s Okay to be Different Thorina-Bina

Thorina-Bina feels all alone because she’s so different from her mother and sisters. She’s a tortoise-shell colored cat, while the rest of her family are striped tabby cats. She looks and acts differently, and her sisters make fun of her. She also has keen eyes and ears, and sees and hears better than the other… [Read More]

Tired Thyroid

Doctors aren’t properly treating thyroid patients, so patients are turning to the internet for answers. Are doctors ordering the wrong lab tests? Are internet protocols safe? Read the book that separates thyroid fact from fiction. Barbara Lougheed chronicles her journey from being diagnosed as hyperthyroid with Graves’ disease, to undergoing radioactive iodine treatment, and finally… [Read More]

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