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Kentucky is the state of origin, but being a roamer, other states have been home as well over the years of misadventure and misdirection. Have worn more hats than I care to rehash, including roofer, gofer, roadie, camp counselor, psych worker, landscape worker, social worker, and teacher. There are others, but to rattle on is boring. Writing, I guess, is the only common denominator. I got into self-publishing because nobody else would contract with me, so I contracted with myself. I had an impulse to make a stretchy provocative association there, but changed my mind.  I am the author of Food Allergy Guide series--Food Allergy Guide to Soy is complete and available, the others are in the works. There are a couple of poetry things out there too, but so far no one wants even a free copy. Here's a lesson I've learned: Nobody gives a damn about poetry, at least enough to pay for it; after all they can get syrupy, histrionic crap on the web completely free of charge. At work on a couple of fantasy projects, and they will be fabulous. Anyway, life is challenging, and beautiful, and full of hardship, and conflict, and wonder, and I vow to never give up exploring it all.

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