About Bettina Baggetta

Bettina Baggetta, lives in Las Vegas with her
husband of sixty years; she is a proud mother of four, “Nana” – as her many
grandchildren call her, “great-Nana” – as her great-grandchildren call her,
genealogist and author. 

She loves everything Italian especially her
Italian heritage and genealogy, which she has spent decades researching.   Over
her lifetime she gathered many family stories from parents, grandparents and anyone
who would want to talk to her about Italy and her heritage.  When she and her husband traveled to Italy to
visit the country from which their grandparents emigrated and the town in which
her father-in-law was born, she interviewed family members still living in the
“old country”.  

When she retired after many years in a
successful career in Management, she started recording these stories for family
members and through a successful blog of her Italian ancestry. She was
encouraged by family members and blog followers to write a book – this is how
her first novel, PAESANO was born.

calls herself the “Grandma Moses” of authors, saying she started so late in
life to finally put her stories on paper; stories that she has carried, in her
mind and heart, ever since she was a little girl – these are her words.

Bettina Baggetta’s Books


Living in poverty stricken Southern Italy in the early 1900s a young boy, Pietro Romeo, dreams of immigrating to America.  He leaves his home and family when he was 16 years of age with $30.00 in his pocket and a small bag containing his meager belongings, sails across the Atlantic on one of the many… [Read More]

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