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Betsy Anne is a Texas girl, now planted in the red clay of North Carolina. Since meeting, then marrying, her Jersey boy husband, they've lived in a number of different cities and traveled to many more. In Betsy's mind, she's Jackie Collins, eating caviar and drinking champagne while writing her wicked tales of lust. Real life, she's picking up after three kids, two cats with stomach issues and a dog, while trying to watch some football. Go Texas Aggies and Carolina Panthers! Never one to take herself, or anything else, too seriously, Betsy loves humor in all forms. Books, movies, TV and especially practical jokes. She thinks life is hilarious in all it's wonderful, heartbreaking nonsense.Whenever possible, she heads to the beaches of South Carolina to relax and write. It doesn't suck.

Betsy Anne’s Books

A Model Romance

In the final installment of the True Love series, we meet Rebecca, Melanie’s younger, supermodel sister at the end of yet another failed relationship. Inspired by her sister’s new marriage and beautiful family, she decides it’s finally time to make a change and leaves New York for the midwest. A handsome Scot, Wickham Dunmore, enters… [Read More]

A Love We Deserve

In this sequel to Mine, Not Hers (Book 1 in the True Love series), we find funny Georgia girl Melanie at her breaking point. Melanie’s husband Chris has come home for the last time smelling of a cheap mistress. She’s finally had enough. She kicks him to the curb once and for all, but now… [Read More]

Mine, Not Hers

Katie and Jason have the perfect life. Soul mates and best friends since high school, nothing has ever threatened their happiness….until now. Katie’s strange, erotic dreams foretell an unwelcome intrusion into their perfect world. A sex crazed stalker with her sights on Jason, or is he a willing participant? With her friends by her side,… [Read More]

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