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Benzena Brown is an Author of motivational and inspiration books for youth and young adults. She is the mother of four adult children and seven grandchildren. During her youth she endured many hard knocks,learning from life experiences of lack. She successfully from her experiences taught her children the way to having a life of comfort.  All four children are self-supporting. Benzena career trained her to write  persuaded evaluations for personnel promotions. Benzena career also trained her to facilitate classes in Change Management. After retirement, she states a dream and a whisper instructed her to write and motivate youth  and young adults on goal- setting. She believes this dream lead her to her purpose. Goals means to Benzena:

G- Golden


A- At



Benzena States;

I believe we each have a given path in the journey of  life. Sometimes, we stumble with cross roads, like curves in the road, road blocks and detours. Learning to problem-solve challenges are geared with fear, procrastination, detours and lack of resources which can appear to be mission impossible. Mission is impossible!


Benzena Brown’s Books

Stop Trying to Drown a Fish

Stop Trying to Drown a Fish is a motivational and inspiration journal expressing empowerment, goals, dreams, and the imagination.  Make a dream come true!  

So I Will So I Can

So I Will So I Can is an inspirational and motivational journal. Navigating the shift into adult hood is challenging and difficult. So I Will So I Can describes “GOALS ” as a golden opportunity at life success. Journal promote creative and critical thinking and preparation for problem solving. Habits are formed to increase opportunities… [Read More]

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