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I am a native of a small rural town in St. Francois County, Missouri; mother of 4 grown sons and grandmother of nine ... a very busy lady!
My lifelong passion has been writing and after being widowed and wandering aimlessly for a few years wondering where I fit in, I turned back to my writing; this time taking it more seriously than ever. Although never before attempting to publish, I have written as far back as I can remember ... short stories, edited and contributed articles for newsletters at my place of employment, journals, dabbled with poetry, and have used my writing many times as a therapeutic tool for many of the challenging and sometimes traumatic events I have dealt with in my life.
I published my first novel (She Didn't Tell) on March ninth of this year (2013) and the second book of the trilogy (Memories and a Cedar Chest) in September, 2013. The third and final book of the series (Choices) I hope to have completed by late fall of this year (2014).
"She Didn't Tell" was a difficult book to write and I must admit, a difficult book to read. Not for sissies. Although listed as fiction, the book was inspired by true events and covers the atrocities of child abuse suffered by the main character during her childhood in the 50's and 60's when outside help was unavailable. It is also a story of survivorship and courage. As I've stated on my website, if you're looking for fantasy or fairy tales, you're on the wrong page ... or picking up the wrong book. I have to write from my heart and with that comes real life; sometimes not too pretty.
I'm sure some are thinking about my claim as a grandmother of nine. Yep, a member of the Baby Boomer Generation and proud of it. Do I wish I had taken my writing more seriously in earlier years? That I do, but I don't let it deter me at this stage of my life. I will keep writing as long as my fingers and my keyboard let me do so. I've seen a lot of 'life' and with that being said, I've got a lot more to write about.

Paula Baker’s Books

Memories and a Cedar Chest

Paula Baker takes Bree’s journey to another level in this second book. In ‘She Didn’t Tell’, BreeAnna Barton suffered the atrocities of both physical and sexual abuse throughout her first eighteen years of life. Memories and a Cedar Chest will keep you enthralled and turning pages as Bree’s story unfolds; the violence appears to be… [Read More]

She Didn’t Tell

BreeAnna Barton was born right after WWII to loving parents and was the center of their world. Her father thought her to be a special gift from Heaven and her mother completely adored both her husband and her daughter. Her life began as ordinary as the families of the hit TV shows during the 50’s… [Read More]

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