About Rachel Thompson

In addition to writing as Rachel Thompson, I’m also a social media and author marketing/branding consultant.*

Notice I don’t say expert, guru, or any of those goofy words #eek

Here’s my deal: After 17+ years in soul-sucking Big Pharma (sales, marketing, and training, now recovered, thank you), I started my blog,RachelintheOC back wow, in ’08. Mostly because like you, I had something to say. I embraced blogging and social media like a dog to a bone. Blogger, Facebook, Twitter — yea! Okay…I’m here everyone…! Now what? *crickets*

Perhaps many of you feel the same. And that’s where I come in. Utilizing my almost two decades of sales, marketing, and training, plus my own experiences in social media and publishing, I learned how to brand myself, what pre-release activities work prior to book launch, all about Amazon, and what it takes to make my four books (Broken PlacesBroken PiecesA Walk In The Snark, and The Mancode: Exposed) Number One bestsellers!

I currently write social media articles for many outlets, such as Huffington Post (Books Section),  The San Francisco Book Review (I’m their social media columnist), Book Promotion.combit rebelsBusiness2Community.com12Most.com, and am currently the Senior Director of Social Media Services for AuthorBytes and director of the Gravity Imprint for Booktrope Publishing (fiction and nonfiction stories that focus on trauma and recovery).

I can help you figure out the maze of social media, simplify it, make it work for you. My specialties include:

Social Media (Twitter is my specialty; also Facebook, LinkedIn, and Visual Media: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest) Blogging Basics Branding Book Marketing and Engagement strategy Amazon Author platform development

I keep my rates simple: $150/hour no matter what I do for you. Minimum: two hours. I find we can’t do much without a two-hour consultation. Rates non-negotiable. (Military discount available however.) I take PayPal exclusively. Please contact me here or email me at BadRedheadMedia@gmail.com to discuss your needs. If I’m not the right person for you, I know lots of terrific people who are amazingly smart and talented. I’ll happily refer you. Check out packages and services here.

References happily provided upon request.