About JR Rogers

J.R. Rogers is a literary historical thriller novelist of espionage, intrigue and romance. His latest novel is To Live Another Day.

He is also a prolific short story writer a number of which have been published in various literary publications and/or online sites. Besides writing fiction his interests include art, culture, indie film, and photography. He advocates for human rights, gender equality and LGBTQ issues.

Over the years the peripatetic author has held a number of positions including working at a Washington, DC government relations firm, an international efficiency consultancy (he spent two years in Quebec, Canada, and at various locations in the United States), and finally as a writer with a Los Angeles-based aerospace defense contractor.

An avid reader he holds a B.A. in French literature from Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus, studied information management at The American University and short story writing at the University of California, Irvine, Division of Continuing Education.

He has lived in Canada, Europe and West Africa and now lives with his partner in southern California.

JR Rogers’ Books

To Live Another Day

A powerful period flavor embellishes this intriguing novel replete with the shocking depravity rampant in the insular Portuguese enclave of Lourenço Marques, the neutral colonial capital of Portuguese Mozambique, during the early years of World War Two. It is June 1940 when, ahead of the Germans marching into Paris, Rudolf and Aleece Bamberger, a young… [Read More]

The Counterfeit Consul

1916 – Gerard Le Caillec, a French intelligence officer with the Foreign Intelligence Section is trying to rescue his moribund career. In a calculated move he applies, and is selected, for an assignment his superior warns could become a career enhancing proposition or quite possibly the end of his career. Le Caillec is sailing to… [Read More]

Leopold’s Assassin

1902 – An Italian tract writer who aspires to greater involvement in the anarchist movement agrees to murder a sitting monarch. The story is set in the 1900’s in Dinard, France, a then fashionable seaside resort of stunning clifftop villas, a fabulous casino and a burgeoning art colony favored by American and British aristocrats and… [Read More]

Doomed Spy

1960 – As a British spy and Soviet mole Edgar Davies knew, and as everyone else in MI6 must have known, there was only one way to catch a spy and that was to discover him in his act of betrayal. Davies, an ordinary man disenchanted with his life, plans to defect to the Soviet… [Read More]

Mission to Morocco

1944 – Colonel Ferdinand Hecht, who poses as a consular diplomat stationed in Casablanca, French Morocco, is in reality an SS officer with the Gestapo’s SD Afrika Intelligence Group. He directs a network of French spies reporting on American navy blimps operating from their Port Lyautey base against U-boats prowling the Straits of Gibraltar and… [Read More]

The Cypriot Agent

1974 – An intricate thriller of espionage and foreign intrigue, the novel turns on a Cypriot hit man hired by the CIA to assassinate a female Soviet mole en route to Leningrad aboard a Soviet freighter. Charged by the Justice Department and the FBI with espionage and facing arrest in Washington, D.C., the CIA intervenes… [Read More]


1943 – Obersturmbannführer Lt. Colonel Carl von Glasow and his fellow battle-weary officers of Rommel’s 15th Panzer Division, Afrika Corps, have endured the humiliation of surrendering to the Allies in Tunisia. Resigned to riding out the war in a North African prisoner of war camp they are surprised to learn they are being shipped instead… [Read More]

The Italian Couple

1938 – Colonel Francesco Ferrazza, a disciplined and inflexible Royal Italian Army officer with Italy’s Fascist Military Information Service, and his attractive British wife, Emilia, are posted to Asmara affectionately referred to as ‘Little Rome’ by Mussolini. The colonel is a familiar figure at the military casino and bordello where he brags at the bar… [Read More]

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