About Jeanette Michelle

Jeanette Michelle is originally from Chicago Illinois
whom now resides in Tennessee to continue her
education in writing, film and becoming
Feng Shui certified. She is currently the host of the Dark Mantis
Internet Talk.
Mycall is her first published
fiction novel out of 24 written manuscripts.
Jeanette’s second novel published is
Taking Care of Henry.
Taking care of Henry is a non-fiction written
documentary that was released February of 2008.
Jeanette’s 3rd novel You can’t save them All was
released March 19th 2012 and .
Millicent Quinones (fiction Novel) was released
March 26th 2010.
Tapestry is now available in paper back and E-book
Mycall Book II  Released July 30th 2015 available in paperback and E-book
There are Millions will be released
October 2015


Inappropriate lovers will be released
January 2016
Jeanette Michelle is also in the process of starting Dark Mantis Talk Via cable television.
to more visit the website at www.iamdark.com

Jeanette Michelle’s Books

Mycall book 2

The Saga continues and unfolds in this sequel to Mycall and Millicent Quinones. Mycall’s story continues as she faces turmoil once again at deaths door. Family and friends come together to help her endure, when all seems to be at a lost. This story takes you back to Mycall’s past and returns to Mycall’s present… [Read More]

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