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Deadly Shamrocks II

Family ties run deep. So does revenge. When Rose O’Bannon’s 16 year old cousin is kidnapped, she’ll do everything within her power to find her. But an unseen vendetta threatens to ruin everything. Rose’s Ivy League law degree won’t get her out of this mess. But her instincts might. After all, she is a natural… [Read More]

Dark Reminiscence

Cari McCoy is a best selling author residing in New York City. Growing up in a small town, she could hardly wait until graduation from high school so she could shake the dust of the grimy little town from her feet and begin a new and exciting life as a writer. She had chosen to… [Read More]

Deadly Shamrocks III

Rose O’Bannon and Aaron O’Brien were both native New Yorkers, although they had vastly different backgrounds. They had met under the most unusual of circumstances but learned they had much in common. Together, they opened Shamrock Investigations, a private investigation firm, located in what was once known as Hell’s Kitchen. On one Friday afternoon, a… [Read More]

Deadly Shamrocks

Beautiful Vivian Clancy was born of Irish immigrant parents; the working poor. Vivian learned at an early age that you did not mix with those not of your own kind. Bigotry was deep rooted in those days. She also learned that even those of your own kind would hurt you if given the right opportunity…. [Read More]

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