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I was raised in San Francisco and influenced during the cultural movement of the 1960s and 70s. My interest in psychology developed out of a curiosity to understand the colorful street people of that era. This resulted in receiving a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University and a Masters of Social Work at Fresno State University with a psychiatric focus in 1978. I published A Pilot Study of Personality Type Change that was a result of thesis research in 1980. This began my counseling career that led to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1981. This license allowed me to conduct psychiatric therapy and marriage counseling in a private practice setting.

I graduated from the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles and began

treating psychophysiological disorders on both an out and in-patient basis.

A transition to medical social work on cardiac and medical-surgical units

required conducted bereavement family counseling. This led to death and

dying counseling for a home health care hospice. I credit the hospice

experience for enlightening me to the end of life issues. After that, I

established a workers compensation private practice treating and advocating

for injured employees. I also became an instructor/counselor for a diet clinic

advising on mental heath issues and eating. I established the first stress reduction and anxiety management program for the diet center.

Due to broad interests, I began to study business investments and became

a registered representative or stockbroker. Combining this with an insurance

license allowed me to offer annuities for 401k and 403b tax deferred

retirement plans. I then applied stock market knowledge to the real estate


markets in four different states as an investor. But, missing the depth of human contact, I returned to counseling. I have been retired from the formal aspect of this work since 2008 after 30 years of practice. I continue to do volunteer counseling and enjoy continual research and study in gerontology and retirement areas. The accumulation of all this diverse experience is evidenced in my current work for women. I was motivated to write Creative Retirement for Women as a solution oriented guide for successful retirement.

Lee Johnson’s Books

Creative Retirement for Women

Creative Retirement for Women is a solution based guide for the most common problems of retirement for women and couples. The book provides practical solutions for a wide variety of difficult retirement topics. As a therapist, the author’s focus is to help you discover your personal traits and interests for designing your individual plan for… [Read More]

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