• Marshall Chamberlain wrote a new work in progress, The Apothecary 4 years, 4 months ago

    MY FRONT Cover Draft II Cropped 05-25-15
    If you like action and adventure thrillers like the Indiana Jones books, or books by Nelson DeMille, or James Rollin and the Sigma Force, you’re going to love The Apothecary, an extraordinary techno-thriller.
    From a“Foreword Reviews,” Award Winning Author, Marshall Chamberlain gives us another adventure into plausible reality
    A Top Secret, DOD Nanotechnology Project is Compromised.
    A Rogue Scientist Experiments on Human Beings.
    Design of Inexpensive Nano-Drugs Takes Over the Drug Industry.
    The Nano Replication Process can Destroy the Planet.
    Dr. Corey Parnevik, the director of Pharmco’s DOD project, who functions under heavy medication to control behavior disorders, disappears along with proprietary, hi-tech nanite inventory—test products capable of significantly affecting human behavior.
    A pattern of mysterious homicides manifests, and Parnevik becomes a prime suspect. The Atlanta PD investigates and is assisted by an unlikely alliance of three civilians: Mallory Driscoll, a lawyer and sister to the first homicide victim; Ryan McKenzie, a DEA agent with a past romantic attachment to Mallory; and Professor Barius VonMitton, a reclusive, retired Emory University academic plagued by multiple personality disorder.
    Evidence from the investigations points toward Dr. Cory Parnevik and the conduct of nanite experiments on unwitting human guinea pigs When attempts to track and apprehend Parnevik fail, the DOD steps in and a team of scientists and intelligence service personnel are dispatched to take over the investigation, rein in the activities of the alliance, place its secret government project under administrative control, recover the lost nanite inventory, and locate and contain Dr. Corey Parnevik before he conducts more deadly experiments.
    But Parnevik is smart and elusive, and has been planning his escapade for several years. Using deft abilities assuming different identities, he makes pacts with multiple devils: exclusive production of a candy-like breath mint that arouses sexual prowess called Amor for a powerful Mafia family; design of Fuerte, a nanite-delivered stimulant developed under a top-secret DOD project, for use by the North Koreans in their quest to create the ultimate soldier.
    Under the command of a special DOD/DARMA field agent, who uses threats of treason for non-cooperation, the alliance is coerced into assisting in the pursuit of Parnevik, the curtailment of his boutique drug operations, and recovery of his stolen nanite inventory.
    The stakes quickly morph into a matter of the highest national security when Parnevik’s profane experimenting and complicity lead to a disaster in the nano-labs at Atlanta’s Georgia Tech University. An uncontrolled nanite replication process is unleashed, capable of destroying the world as we know it and creating a dead planet. A gathering of scientific pundits is unable to devise measures to stop it. Parnevik is the only person who has the expertise to prevent a planetary disaster.
    With the President of the United States involved and the media ready to pounce, the pursuit of the elusive Parnevik leads the alliance to the mountains of North Georgia, the slopes of the French Alps, the mesas of New Mexico, the hallowed halls of Washington, D.C., and the city streets of Caracas.
    • The Apothecary sounds like a terrific read, Marshall. What are you working on now? We are here to help you with your work-in-progress so if you post a short take from your new manuscript we will be sure to respond. Thanks.

      • Hello Betty. Sorry I missed your note. The Apothecary was published in early October. I’m presently working on the outline for the final book in the Ancestor Series of adventure thrillers. I don’t think I need help considering the price in time and learning I’ve paid over the years–except a simple, cost-effective way to get in front of readers with “hooks.” Always looking for cutting-edge promo! Just a heads-up to other authors, Hootsuit.com is great for creating a consolidated approach to social media posting.