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Hello to all of you believers in beauty and true love and mystical talismans, angels and ancient artefacts. Welcome to my author’s page. I’m so excited to share the KEEPERS OF GENESIS series with you, following Sage and Saffron’s parallel journeys to find the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Garden of Eden and, of course, to attain true love along the way (but not without the trials and tribulations that all such journeys bring!).

Many readers have been asking me questions about the series. So, here are a few things I’d like to share…

To begin with, about the history depicted in SEED… I happen to love history – especially ancient history – so I have tried to ensure it’s as accurate as possible. I figured that readers might be interested in learning something new (about the old) and can even travel with Sage to the various places mentioned in the novel, to visit the museums and libraries and cathedrals … the artefacts of ancient Mesopotamia can be viewed at the British Museum (be careful not to blink – the clay tablets are not much bigger than a smartphone) and the Louvre (which features again in SCROLL: KEEPERS OF GENESIS II); you can book a tour to visit the Vatican (the library is now open to tourists) and even a ‘ghost tour’ of the catacombs; and pop over to Paris for a cup of tea at its famous tea salon. Why not take a copy of the novel with you when having afternoon tea at Mariage Frères in Paris or Claridge’s in London?

On the history of angels… There are many detailed books on Angelology for those who might be interested in learning more. The novel, SEED, came about because I was fascinated by the idea of the war in the heavens which led to the First Fall. Initially, I was going to write about this war. Then the idea developed and took on a life of its own – as did the characters – to include the races of the Nephilim and, from this, SEED was created. But, at its heart, there was always going to be a seventeen-year-old protagonist – a girl who wasn’t ever going to be boring or silly or passive. Sage is the kind of young woman who, despite being ordinary, is extraordinary and, hopefully, can be a role model to other young adults – because it’s perfectly fine to be clever and bookish and not be particularly athletic or able to navigate your way out of a car park.

Yet Sage would not be complete without both the mysterious, alluring St. John Rivers and her twin sister, Saffron. Every heroine needs a hero. St. John Rivers will make you believe in true love – the kind of love found in the plays of Shakespeare and the novels of Austen and the Bronte sisters…

Saffron’s story becomes the focus of SCROLL: KEEPERS OF GENESIS II, the second novel in the series, and is filled with twists and turns that should prove a real page turner for readers. She’s the opposite of Sage in so many ways yet they complement one another. Fi will embark on a journey of self-discovery and face a conflict in love. And for those of you craving more, SCROLL will feature much more of the artful Gabriel Chevalier and the mysterious caretaker of Satis House…

Finally, I want to say that I always have time for my readers because without you this series would not have been possible… so if you feel the urge to tweet me or send a message via Facebook, I’d love to hear from you…

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