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What would you give to cure mankind's suffering? Dr. Spencer Williams, a brilliant young researcher, is on the verge of that discovery. Haunted by the freakish suicide of his famous mother, he is driven to find a cure for the illness that ended her life. Blessed--or cursed--from birth with second sight, Spencer's personal grail is within his grasp. Through a secret mix of blood magic and genetic engineering, he has synthesized Marvan, a miraculous medicine that could leapfrog mankind to the next evolutionary phase. But Spencer has huge hurdles to clear. Getting a new drug to market takes big bucks. And how exactly is he supposed to keep Marvan's unique formula a secret? As word of his discovery leaks out, powerful players want a piece of the action. Hell, they want it all. Spencer must make the choice, does he go with the devil he knows or the devil himself?

Charles Atkins is a board-certified psychiatrist, published author, and professional speaker. He writes both non-fiction and fiction, including books on Bipolar Disorder and Alzheimer's Disease (Sourcebooks). His recent novels include the Barrett Conyors forensic thriller series (Llewellyn and Severn House) and The Lil and Ada Connecticut cozies (Severn House) . His first paranormal thriller--GO TO HELL (Argo Navis) was released fall 2012.
In addition to books he's written hundreds of articles, columns, and shorts stories for professional and popular magazines, newspapers, and journals. He is a member of the Yale adjunct clinical faculty. He's been a regular contributor to the American Medical Association's American Medical News, a consultant to the Reader's Digest Medical Breakthrough series, and his work has appeared in publications ranging from The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) to Writer's Digest Magazine. He's been twice featured in the New York Times, as well as many other publications.
Dr. Atkins maintains a clinical practice working with people with serious chemical dependence and co-occurring disorders at Waterbury Hospital's West Main Behavioral Health.
He can be followed on the Internet at: www.charlesatkins.com, www.charlesatkinsmd.blogspot.com and @charlesatkinsmd (Twitter)

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