About Ann Music Streetman

A degree in journalism and a lifelong communications career introduced me to wonderful people and projects in public affairs, public relations, and association management. But that is behind me. “All done. All done,” as my favorite 2-year-old would say.

Now I write romance, a non-fiction book now and then, and lots of children’s books which I illustrate with my own photos and graphics.

Since I am a stickler for accuracy, I do many hours of research into the places and times of my fictional characters.

They are flawed people, oftentimes challenged by difficult circumstances in their lives. Redemption and forgiveness are recurring themes in my novels.

I hope you’ll come along to enjoy the twists and turns in the lives of my characters as they find their way.

And, please, let’s do have a conversation about them. You can contact me via my website http://www.upliftingfiction.info/ . I share thoughts about my characters and my writing process on my blog.

If you’re interested in children’s books, please check out my other website http://www.ebookpagesforkids.com/ .

Thanks for stopping by. AS





Ann Music Streetman’s Books

Her Man in Ireland

Tomas Bandon is an electrical engineer by day, a pub musician some nights, and an officer in the Irish Army Defense Reserve some weekends and summer days. Ellen Porter is an American engineer on temporary assignment in Dublin. Come along to find out what happens when Ellen wanders into the pub where Tomas is playing… [Read More]


When Kimberly and Antonio met, they were adjusting to personal losses. She had lost her dream job in Manhattan. He had lost his leg in Afghanistan. Kimberly had assumed he was a man crushed and embittered by his war injuries. Instead, Antonio Da Costa was a sexy, playful man with an inviting smile and a… [Read More]

The Italian Ski Instructor

Shaken by an unwanted divorce, Jennifer was not ready to get involved with anyone. And, then she met Matteo Soldati, the handsome guest ski instructor at a resort in Lake Tahoe. He was different and solid somehow. He would soon be going back to Italy where he lived between ski seasons and then on to… [Read More]

That Man in Siena

When Laura Langston, a nurse from Oklahoma City, went to Siena, Italy, to celebrate her 60th birthday, she was not looking for a man. But, there he was – 62-year-old Raffaele Balducci, a talented potter, jazz guitarist, father, and grandfather. His face was pleasantly wrinkled from many years under the Tuscan sun. He had lively… [Read More]

Craig’s Hometown

Kathryn Sinter had run away from home because home wasn’t what she thought it was. She had chosen Seattle because she liked seafood and flowers and it was as far as she could get from her soon to be ex-husband without drowning in the ocean. Her plans for re-invention did not include a man, but… [Read More]

Melissa on the Line

Love on Life’s Zip Line chronicles the love stories of a Texas family and their friends. In Book 1, Melissa Gregory is a Generation X widow not looking for a man. Thanks to her mysterious father who is financing the last two years of her daughter’s college, Melissa is back in college focused on finishing… [Read More]

Ashley on the Line

Ashley is savoring being single in the city that she is claiming for herself one delicious day at a time. She is in control until handsome medical student Mark points at her and says, “You, call 9-1-1 now.” She makes the call and watches him give CPR to a passenger on their NYC subway train…. [Read More]

Patricia on the Line

This is Book 3 of Love on Life’s Zip Line series. John just kept surprising Patricia. Remembering little things about her and about their life together. He was like the sexy sweet man she had fallen in love with in college. Not like the man she had spent so much time hating and avoiding and… [Read More]

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