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I have been writing for over 35 years. I began with poetry, then non-fiction but realized that I love writing fiction. I enjoy novellas the most and after that, short stories. I write because it is a part of me and it helps keep me sane in this crazy world. All of my fiction work is partially based on single moments in my life. My first collection of short stories, What Is This World Coming To? was inspired by my children. I’ve had the stories for decades, but finally decided to publish in 2010 (this is why I say procrastination is a bad thing). My second collection came from listening to men and women in relationships talk about their problems. This is called “And I Trusted You?”

In September (2012) I released a book on Multiple Sclerosis, Bad Nerves: All about MS and stuff. This is my baby, because I live with this disease and I want people to be able to understand what it is from a layman’s point of view. This book is not be very long, but it is extremely informative.

I've released the following in 2014-2015:

Run Trilogy

AMB Shorts

The Journey: Domestic Violence

Kidnapped in Love

Prior to getting my books published, I was published in magazines and on websites. I have several pseudonyms (Jamela & Ms. J). I am pleased to be a part of the AMB Publishing family and I enjoy working with the team.

Website: www.asoral.org

LJ Thomas, Jamela, Ms.J’s Books

Kidnapped in Love

What would you do if you were kidnapped and held for months? How would you cope and what would you do to survive? Trisha normally wouldn’t have found herself in a situation like this. However, she stepped out of her comfort zone and did something she did not want to do, to please James. Was… [Read More]

The Journey:

As domestic violence continues to plague society, there are survivors who are speaking out. Statistics show and increase, even among men. Read these survival stories and the words of hope and encouragement within these pages. In addition, there are resources for safety and warning signs. Prevention is also covered as much as it can be…. [Read More]

AMB Shorts

This is a collection of flash fiction and short stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat and then some. Get ready for your action fix to be satisfied. Conspiracy, lies, crime and more are all present.

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