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I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and partner in one of the firms named A.K.Sood & Associates established in 1977 at Chandigarh UT (India). Before becoming a chartered account, I did B.Sc. (Medical) from Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab (India). I am a keen observer of life processes and try to find rational answers to all the queries. The answers to all conceivable questions lies in analytical approach embedded in rational thinking. I firmly believe that there is no alternative to rational thinking and approach in life. Irrationality, illogic is a fig of imagination and should not find any place in human life.

Ashok Kumar Sood’s Books

Philosophy of Life

The idea to write this book was conceived to find facts relating to all the aspects of life and to rationally analyze the reasons behind these aspects. The back ground of this book is to find answers about the rationality of every single thing, action, happening, process and event whether in galaxies, stars, earth, human… [Read More]

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