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Anky The Daydreaming Dinosaur – The Lost Egg which is the first book in this Children’s Picture eBook series.

Anky is not like other dinosaurs, he has a special gift. When a purple tear comes to Anky’s eye, he sees a flash of the future. He calls them Daydreams. His Daydreams help him and his friends avoid trouble on their many adventures.

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I am born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Anky is my first foray into Children’s Book writing. Having spent many years writing film scripts, I wanted an escape from film and found I could really get creative by writing a book that would have appealed to me as a kid. I love dinosaurs and I loved the adventures the Goonies went on – so I tried to bring these two worlds together.


Ashleigh Hanley’s Books

The Shaking Ground

Anky is a dinosaur with a difference – he has magical daydreams that let him see the future! Accompanied by his friends Dippy and ShiShi, he explores the world and gets up to mischief. Whether the team are picking berries, meeting new pals or hunting down a dragon, there’s no end to the prehistoric excitement!… [Read More]

The Lost Egg

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree 2015 BookWorks Book of the Week Medallion recipient 2015 Anky is a dinosaur with a special gift – he can see the future! Sometimes this makes him do strange things that his friends and family don’t understand, but Anky’s always looking out for them…especially when a strange egg crosses his path! Aimed… [Read More]

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