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Carol Knox is a long-time trainer in various contexts. With a non-wavering passion for the power of words, Carol has written and designed many learning and training programs and is passionate about education. Her first short story is Belongings in the Sand: The Tale of the Red Heeled Shoes.  A mother of three daughters, she delights in their continuing evolutions as individuals. Carol also spends her time uncovering meaning and mindfulness both for herself and for others.

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Carol Knox’s Books

How to Reduce Stress

This brief How to Guide, gives you simple practical ideas for reducing your stress, that you can apply from day one.

Belongings in the Sand

A fictional short story. A tale of misadventure, from the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the journeys between. A journey like a Kafka joke, could this be real? Juxtaposition of ordinary and surreal. Would I be able to escape unharmed? What was to become of me?

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