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Armando Pazos was born in Peru in 1956 and is a retired officer of the Peruvian Navy, who immigrated to the United States in late 1984. He graduated from the Peruvian Naval Academy in 1977 with a bachelor in Naval Science and certified in Naval Operations from the Peruvian Navy center of graduates in 1980. Armando has a very extensive background in human relations and management. He has a well rounded general knowledge and passion for history. Creativity and Imagination are his strong assets and writing has been his long time dream. Armando decided to pursue his long time dream of writing back in 2004 and started his fictional fantasy/action adventure book, The Keymaster and the music box and later its sequel, The Ghost and the sailor’s chest, both in the process of pre-publishing.


Now, based in Fullerton, CA, he has finished another two fictional manuscripts, “The Improbable journey to save JFK” and “Lila, the blind princess” both available on amazon kindle and paperback. He is working in another three more projects, one of them basic on the secret meeting between Attila the Hun and Pope Leo I and secrets found during the papacy in Avignon, France, during the fourteenth century.

Armando Ruben Pazos’ Books

Lila the blind Princess

Blinded as a child, after being attacked by a dragon, Princess Lila is saved by the Gypsies who raise her as one of their own and change her name to Viola. She remains with the Gypsies until her true love comes to help her face the evil rulers and recover her rightful throne.  

The Improbable Journey to Save JFK

Secret Service agent Jack Randolph, has spent most of his life obsessed with president Kennedy’s assassination, an amazing twist of fate makes him travel in time, going back to November ’63, four days before JFK’s assassination.? Could he be able to change the course of history?

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