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Ariel Rosetti is the published author of  “Allyce in Wunderland” the series. In addition, to those titles, she wrote “The Kiss: The Lovers’, which is a contemporary novella.

Fiery Red Faeire Dust- August 2015  published

The Sorcerer published August 2015 Published

The Duchess-The Siege July 2015 Published

Allyce and the Prince de La Massapinot Published

The Lovers-Allyce in Wunderland revised Published

The Sentinel and Allyce Published

The Kiss  2012 Published

The Captain of The Second Guard Published Gay Material  8/21/2017

Ariel lives in New York, with family.
In addition to having been born in the city, Ariel lived abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, and some of the western states. She and her family are considering  their next venture, to be Dublin, Ireland.
Ariel began writing thirty years ago but never had the time to persue her need to write.
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Twitter @arielrosett.com


Ariel Rosetti’s Books

The Captain

Murder, jealousy, love, and hate has placed the Captain of The Second Guard’s  lover, Christopher Wellington in extreme danger after his first lover was murdered before his eyes by an insane killer but it being someone well known to him. Still harboring hate towards the Captain’s lover the murderer might thirst to continue his killing spree and annihilate Christopher… [Read More]

The Captain of The Second Guard Book one

 The Captain of The Second Guard is aware that his new lover, Christopher Wellington’s former lover was murdered violently in his presence and he nearly killed also. The murder was never solved, or the persons responsible apprehended. but Captain James Vallarde knows that if the killer is not found soon his lover’s life remains in ultimate danger… [Read More]

Fiery Red Faeire Dust

There is vast trouble in the royal kingdom, as a “Sorcerer” is lose in the realm. Allyce has become intimately involved with a man who is the royal guardian of the land. As time goes on she begins to wonder, who and just what is he in truth.

The Duchess-The Siege

Allyce holds questions in her mind and heart about her former lover.She is confronted by two of his animals who follow her through a part of the isolated woods. Because of their strange behavior she must ask herself the question..are they real or a figment of her imagination?

Allyce in Wunderland Book 1 Revised


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