About April O'Brien

April O'Brien was born to write. She believes she survived
her life to write about it. Her autobiography "April was here" reads
like a novel, yet the entire gripping story is true. April is a born artist,
teaching herself both to write and to paint. April painted the pictures on two
of her books.

Her psychological thriller "ENTER (at your own
risk)" is the first in a thrilling series. April leads the reader into the
mind of a twisted serial killer, from the beginnings of his rampage to a jaw
dropping ending.

Her book "It doesn't get dark until midnight" is
an incredible story of survival in the Alaskan wilderness. O'Brien has a way of
drawing the reader in and keeping them glued to the pages of her books. Her
books are hard to put down, and never leave the reader dry.

April was born in Kansas in 1956, but has lived in almost
every state in the U.S. She now resides in the mountains of Colorado with her
husband, Kevin.

Until the tragic loss of their daughter, Katrina, the
O'Brien's had more than one restaurant in the Denver area. Restaurateurs by
trade, they now enjoy the mountains of Colorado. April is an avid animal lover
and enjoys the time she spends with her animals. April's tenacity and her
enthusiasm are contagious. As you read any of April's books, you get to know
her, and once you do, you will be glad you did.

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