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Angelique Conger discovered the wonders of writing books later in her life. Books, however, have always been important to her. As a little girl in a small town, she was given her own library card at the tender age of five, highly unusual in those days. She remembers walking to the few blocks to the library on her own to choose the maximum number of books, four, and took them back three or four days later for four more. As she got older and she occasionally returned the books a day or two past the limit of two weeks. The librarians allowed her to straighten the shelves to pay off her fines.

Angelique reads a book, or three at once, much of the time. She reads most genres of books and until recently only toyed with writing them. Since then, she has spent many hours each day learning the craft of writing and editing.

The stories and mystery of the lives of ancient women enticed Angelique. Little is known about the first patriarchs, beyond their names, and little or nothing is known of their wives. While little is written about our mother Eve, not even the names are known of the others women who supported their patriarch husbands. How then, can she write their stories? They are a work of fiction, though she believes they sat beside her, whispering their stories into her ear. Read their stories in the series Ancient Matriarchs.

Angelique received her BEd (education) from the University of Hawaii and her MS from Utah State University. She taught elementary school for 14 years in Utah after following her husband around the world as he served in the United States Navy. She strived to do her best to obey the command given to Eve to replenish the earth. She has five children and nine grandchildren, so far. Her goal is to be a noble matriarch like Eve.


Angelique lives in southern Nevada with her husband, love bird, and two turtles. She enjoys the visits of her grandchildren—and their parents.

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