About Andrew Voss

Andrew is a healthcare professional by day and a creative writer by night. He enjoys flavored coffee, star gazing, and porch swings. He likes spending Saturday mornings with his cat, Waffles. Andrew has recently started publishing his works and has an eclectic taste in writing.

Andrew Voss’ Books

Something Magical

Dear Reader, My hope for you is to love like today is your last. My hope for you is to feel too much, to be emotional, and to care. And just like the moon, your soul shines brightly. You are something magical. Loving is living.

You’re Still On My Mind

A collection of beauty and heartaches.

Two Hearts; One Life

First published collection of poetry and musings by author Andrew Voss. This collection focuses on love, trust, and feelings we can all relate to.

The Talking Tree

* A Psychological Thriller * Alan has recently landed a new job and has decided it’s time to move out of his mother’s house. He’s been living with her since his father’s death. Everything was going well for Alan until one day when he came home and a tree out back spoke to him. Alan… [Read More]

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