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ANASTASIA AMOR, a university psychology and education graduate, believes in balance. A proud mother of two, pet-mom and teacher, Amor speaks German and is learning Spanish. Art and writing are her passions but she loves to dance and is a known chocoholic. Twenty years in Mexico, research of Mayan ruins and Cozumel cultural experiences inspired the popular Adie Sturm Mystery Series. As a martial artist she puts realism into Adie Sturm’s fight scenarios. For diving death research in DEAD DELICIOUS she learned to scuba dive. Psychic experiences and Cuban journeys sparked the fantasy-paranormal HAVANA HEAT. Her Canadian heroines are intelligent and fearless as well as sensual. Amor also writes erotic romance.

Anastasia Amor’s Books

Days of the Dead: Adie Sturm Mystery

The Curse Of The Carnaval: Adie Sturm Mystery

SEDUCTION…GREED…BETRAYAL….Cozumel’s Carnaval—parties, sheiks and pirates. A killer behind a mask. Framed for murder, martial artist Adie Sturm is guilty until proven innocent. When Adie investigates a nudist resort, a romantic get-away proves to be a treacherous set-up. The walls close in. The police want to pin it on Adie. Delicious men like chocolate battle to… [Read More]

A Corpse for Cozumel: Adie Sturm Mystery

SEDUCTION… GREED… MURDER…in steamy-Cozumel. Adie Sturm’s missing friend is murder suspect “numero uno”. The dots connect straight to billionaire Diego Alvarez. When Adie becomes the killer’s target she enlists sexy Wolf Du Lac, a man like chocolate—creamy-rich and sinfully sexy. His expertise on the computer and in the bedroom is one thing, but she follows… [Read More]

Exploring Irresistible

SEDUCTION…GREED…LIES…Hot sultry Puerto Rico—a place fantasies become reality. It should have been the perfect place for Aleese to explore romance. After all, she is with an attractive guy with a great job—perfect husband material. But an accidental meeting with devastatingly handsome Arman makes her forget about everything she values. Arman is irresistible—like creamy sinfully delicious… [Read More]

Havana Heat

GREED…REVENGE…SEDUCTION… Anise is plagued by past life visions in her Cuban journey. A sexy spirit man disrupts her photography project urging her to return to a past life in revolutionary Bolivia. Anise’s heart is torn between Dr Reese Lyon and the handsome spirit man. Angels guide Anise but mysterious manipulations force Reese into a fantasy… [Read More]

Dead Delicious: Adie Sturm Mystery

SEDUCTION…GREED…REVENGE…in steamy Cozumel. When a dive group member dies, smart sexy Adie Sturm investigates. Dirty deals, crystal skulls and coded bank accounts connect to a killer. Delicious men like chocolate vie for her attention as the murderer targets the victims. Who can she trust? Martial artist Adie Sturm revs up her game only to get… [Read More]

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