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Amy Shannon (1972 - Present) is an American Storyteller, writer, poet, and blogger. Amy Shannon runs the book review blog "Amy's Bookshelf Reviews," which has become extremely popular for Indie authors and their books. She runs her own “author blog


In 2004, Amy was a cancer survivor. In 2005, she survived a domestic violence assault, which resulted in her spouse going to prison, and lifelong migraine headaches. Amy doesn't let that get in the way of taking care of her four boys, who are very supportive of their family, and her passion. In 2015, Amy received her Bachelors of Arts in English. In 2016, She received her Master’s of Arts in Adult Education and Training. She is currently working on her Master’s in Business Administration.


All of Amy's stories are about inner strength, as sometimes no one realizes how strong they truly can be until they think they've reached their limit. In November of 2016, she released the collection of some of her stories called “Empowerment.”


Amy Shannon is the author of over 100 stories, with more than half as part of different series or sagas. Once she falls in love with her characters, it's hard to let go of them. Her first novel "Unwritten Life" was written in 2004, and has 4 different printings. It also started off the Sars Springs Saga. Other series, have several books within a series, and they are slightly open-ended in case of a new idea for the series. "Fractured Tears: A Struggle for Justice" (2016) is a fictionalized version of her own experience with Domestic Violence. "Chains" (2016) is about a girl who was kidnapped at age 12 and escaped captivity at the age of 21, it shows her life during and after captivity.


Amy has two stories that have male main characters. “Shattered Pages” (2013) is about an eccentric mystery writer whose books are being used as a map for murder. “Fettering Shadows” (2017) is about a former Texas Ranger turned PI struggling to find a serial killer named Icarus.


Amy’s second book is being revamped and released in October of 2017. “Contrary Measures” has been revamped with a new cover and publisher, as well as format of the story.


Amy Shannon also has a book review blog called “Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews” where she reviews books of all genre, and any type of author, especially Indie or self-published authors.


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