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M J Manley, the prolific author of such novels: The UBER-GROOVER; Games of the GODS and The Gene Factor, all novels now available on amazon.com.  The many writings are all about his personal experience. The UBER-GROOVER, is M J Manley's latest novel. Experience the Ride of Your Life, with The UBER-GROOVER.  M J Manley, has written six novels and his first novel: Parlay, is about the Gaming industry in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Methods used to lure the unsuspecting social security recipients, the military pensioners and the welfare benefits given out on the first of each and every month, as the Casino's in Las Vegas, use subliminal methods to Take the funds of those poor unknowing people.  

M J Manley's second novel, still available on amazon is entitled: The Emeritus: WHo Will Rule? The novel is about The University System, Publish or Perish and the activities needed to compete as a professor in the highly competivie arena of inventing war time armory and chemicals and then selling those chemicals and weapons to the open market to countries world wide, only to discover those foreign countries turn against The United States of AMerica by Bombing the American Monuments.  

M J Manley's novel, The Tides of Time, was written before the collapse of the American Banking and Real Estate economy.  M J Manley, born with the insight to formulate what's ahead and is currently working on another Spine Trilling novel entitled: "DEAD"  You can order each and all M J Manley's novel on amazon.com/MJManley.

Website: tidesoftime

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