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Samuel A. Malachowsky is a certified career Project Manager (PMP) who currently teaches in the Software Engineering Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His passion lies in connecting the abstract and technical with the practical-by teaching project values, leadership, and personal professional development. His articles, along with more information about the ideas presented in his books, are available at TeachingSE.com. He currently resides in Rochester, NY with his wife and children.

Additionally, Samuel is available for consultation and on-site training for the areas covered in this book by emailing info@TeachingSE.com.

Samuel A Malachowsky’s Books

Project Team Leadership and Communication

Project team leadership is challenging. You’ve been self-motivated your whole life. You’ve mastered the skills and technical expertise required by your field. Your colleagues and peers respect you as a professional and a friend. But nothing has prepared you for the host of challenges that come with leading a team: oppressive schedules, demanding customers, and… [Read More]

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