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My book, "Female Adventurers: the women who helped colonize Massachusetts and Connecticut," profiles a dozen unsung heroines who are representative of all the courageous women who left comfort behind and migrated into the wilderness of New England in the 1630s. The book is not specifically for youth but is written at a high school level. Adults interested in women history are enjoying it. To my knowledge it is the first book that identifies and profiles unknown everyday women by name. Most books are generalized books of women in the colonial period. Readers gain insight into the commitment their foremothers made and the challenges they encountered.

Alice Plouchard Stelzer has been writing for over 25 years as a publisher, magazine editor, newspaper editor, columnist, journalist and as a public relations consultant. Alice has also been a mentor/coach for writers and has taught writing workshops on journaling, creativity, autobiography/memoir, writing for your health and turning memoir into fiction.

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