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A.L. Gates is a multi-genre writer and native of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The experiences of growing up in the South, sets the tone for A.L.’s tales of love, hatred, redemption and good old fashioned revenge. A former teacher, he is committed to life-long learning and hopes his writing inspires people to read and enjoy the journey along with him and his ‘friends’ who whisper their fate to him in his writing space he fondly refers to as ‘The Attic’.

Mr. Gates’s short story The Chase was recently published in Immortal Publishing’s May 2015 Immortal Magazine, and was an award winner in another competition. A.L. was encouraged by a filmmaker to adapt some of his stories into screenplay, with the idea of shopping the screenplays to directors and producers.

While publishing short stories and his debut novel “Jocko”, he has several additional novels in the work, along with the final two volumes of the Scenic City Cafè Series.

Join A.L. Gates on Facebook at : . https://www.facebook.com/algatesauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/algatesauthor

And his blog: https://algatesauthor.wordpress.com

Welcome up into the Attic. It’s where his dark secrets hide. He’d like for you to help him uncover them…



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