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Alanah Andrews is an English teacher, mother and writer in Australia. She spent her younger years growing up in New Zealand where she thought it was normal to have a steaming mud pool and a boiling lake in her backyard. Primarily writing speculative fiction, she has won several awards for her short stories which have been published in a range of anthologies. A science fiction nerd, her most exciting experience so far was when one of her stories was read aloud at a literary festival by an actor from Stargate.

Alanah specialised in creative writing at Monash University where she studied a BA in Professional Communication. She also has a Master of Teaching and loves being able to foster a love of reading in her students. She has published a collection of short stories titled ‘Beyond,’ and has also written a Young Adult Dystopian novel called ‘Eve of Eridu' which is set in a future world where emotions are forbidden.

On weekends, Alanah can be found exploring the Australian bush, reading, or watching Doctor Who.

Alanah Andrews’ Books


What will our world look like in a hundred years? The future, ghosts, aliens, surprising twists, murder, love and beyond…  A nightly visitor isn’t all that she seems. A woman’s life draws strange parallels with a space probe. A man wakes up in a black void, with no recollection of how he got there. These are just a few… [Read More]

Eve of Eridu

In a world where emotions are forbidden, what happens when you start to feel? The harvest separates the worthy from the unworthy. Those who pass are destined to continue the human race, and the unworthy are culled. For years, Eve has been the poster girl for emotional control. But ever since her brother was culled,… [Read More]

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