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E. A. Snowden lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her two Papillion’s, yellow tabby, and husband of over 30 years. She is an avid reader with a preference for the science fiction genre. The use of dystopian novels such as Animal Farm and Frankenstein as a medium for delivering critical social commentary in a digestible way has always intrigued her.

A retired social worker, as well as, former Marine Corps officer, she completed her debut novel, Namuh, after retiring from public service in 2014. She chose to follow in the footsteps of her favorite authors and create and intriguing, cryptic society in a dystopian universe that’s manipulated by governmental lies and oblivious to the grim truth. SEEING IS NOT BELIEVING!!

E. A. Snowden’s Books


The epic battle between the Circle Eldership and the Bands Namuh continues. It has been three years since Dara and the bands raided the inner sanctum of the seventh elder and rescued the Namuh in its chamber of horrors. In doing so , they exposed the Circle Eldership’s deepest secret . Word spread from one… [Read More]


Namuh, is an in-depth exploration of the power of political manipulation, and the twisting, turning plot revolves around the ability of fear and manufactured prejudice to control the masses.  Set in a dystopian future world the novel explores how we perceive the realities around us and what influences that perception. Brief synopsis: Life is comfortable… [Read More]

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