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Anton Kozikowski 

Creative Director – Blur To Focus Productions, LLC

Kozikowski was born in Albuquerque to a Polish/Jewish holocaust refuge father and a German mother.

Raised in a small town north of Santa Fe just down the road from Georgia O’Keeffe. His Parents, both painters, were lured to New Mexico by the oil paintings of Marsden Hartley.

As a child Kozikowski began a career in the media as a janitor cleaning up teletype copy at a Santa Fe radio station KVSF. He graduated from UNM with a major in Journalism and a minor in Music. He began writing poetry and music and collaborated with other artists and later that year he watched his first 8mm film production broadcast nationally on MTV Basement Tapes.

Anton moved to San Francisco to work in the media arts and struggled to compete in the high velocity world of broadcast television eventually he thrived at CBS as a Writer/Producer and worked with Don Hewitt the creator of 60 minutes to develop and market a local “Bay Area 30 minutes,” he earned two regional Emmy Awards.

As a TV Writer/Producer Anton began guest lecturing at the MSAT, Marin School of Art Technology in association with justthink.org promoting Media Literacy awareness.  He worked directly with 12-15 year-olds creating mini-documentaries as part of the curriculum at the MIYO, Marin Interfaith Youth Outreach Career Exploration Program.

After 7 years in the Bay Area moved back to New Mexico to discover a burgeoning film industry.

There he established Blur to Focus Productions Wrote and Directed his first biographical short titled: “Frank McCulloch Beneath the Surface.” In this film a New Mexico oil painter tells the story of Starvation Peak, the spectacular vista that he paints repeatedly. But there’s more there than meets the eye.  That’s where he lost something precious. He tells his story in his own words. The film was broadcast at the Albuquerque Museum in 2008 and is currently kept in the archives there.

As Operations Manager at DSG Fine Art Gallery, Kozikowski developed several media arts outreach programs.   Working with Bosque School administration he helped develop the “Thread of New Mexico,” Lecture Series which kicked off at Bosque School in Albuquerque. There, teacher Carter Walker helped integrate this interactive multimedia event which introduced students to local artists who then discussed their creative approach, execution, business and marketing of their work.

In 2007  Kozikowski worked with Anne Watkins Assistant to the State Engineer JohnD’Antonio to produce a 26 minute film about effects of climate change in the Southwest.  The film featured excerpts from the Governors Drought Task Force, presentation on October 18th 2007. The Summit on Climate Change was held at the University of New Mexico.

The film featured local, national and worldwide programs and technologies designed to address the warming cycle and discuss how New Mexico is establishing nationally recognized strategies to address global warming. The film explores the politically charged, highly emotional, and personal aspects of this critical issue and how it affects our diverse cultural base and the generations to come.The film “Climate Change New Mexico,” was broadcast on “Comcast On Demand” which reaches 650,000 homes and is currently available in public libraries and being implemented in lesson plans in several New Mexico public schools. Kozikowski’s films have been featured in festivals and showcases here in the southwest, on the east coast and Japan.

In 2011 Kozikowski received a nomination for a Rocky Mountain Emmy for “The Making of 5 Shells”  a behind-the-scenes look at New York director Paul Myers Road Film “5 Shells” a post-apocalyptic story of two sisters who find themselves alone on the open road. Kelsey Hutton Eve Kozikowski Chad Brummett – International Sales Agent Film Republic 91 Great Russell Street London WC1B 3PS United Kingdom (8m)

In 2016 Kozikowski signed a distribution contract “Wild Horses” scheduled for Distribution in 2017  DirecTV, Shorts HD, The Short Movie Channel. According to the distribution contract our first 16-minute thriller we will be on rotation in more than 43  million homes in the Middle East, Europe, West Africa & USA (Domestic) beginning in October. Logline: A young actress ambitious plan to get into a movie backfires as she finds herself playing a role she never imagined. Featuring: Cyd Schulte, Ryan Montenery and Bridget Kelly (16m)


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