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When Amelia Hamilton Morris isn’t busy behind the scenes as the City of Des Moines’ Chief Communications Officer, she can be found penning poetry. In her first book released this past summer called Timeless Truth: For the Sisters Who Came Before Us and Those Who Will Follow After, Morris has deeply touched the hearts of those who have read her stirring poetry. The poems in her book draw out the readers deepest feelings as she shares her perceptions, her beliefs, and incorporate them with real-life experiences. From falling in love and ending up disappointed, growing up and growing old, and growing closer to God through maturing in age and faith, Morris’ poetry delves into these poignant subjects and more.
“The poems are the voices of women I have met or known in life—from conversations with various women and pieces of my own life intertwined,” Morris said. “I have been a writer all my life, both professionally and with poetry as my special hobby and a love of mine. I started it as a form of expression and developed it over time into a way I could communicate and as an outlet for my emotions.”
While the book is quite direct and straight forward, with titles such as “Holy Hymen,” Mama’s Comb and Brush, Top Ten Sins of the Evening News; Morris’ readers have given her first book rave reviews. She also has enjoyed sellout book sales at her first local book readings this fall in Barnes and Noble Bookstore; followed other successful events.
Amelia is a communications strategist with experience in high profile public relations, broadcasting, and marketing positions. She spent several years as a television news
producer for KPRC-TV in Houston, Texas, where she won numerous awards for her work on the state, national, and international levels.

Amelia Kay Hamilton-Morris’ Books

Timeless Truth

ABOUT THE BOOK : Falling in love and being disappointed; growing up and then growing old; and acknowledging God as we mature in faith – these are the experiences that shape our lives. Amelia’s poetry helps us remember the things we love, the culture we grew up in, the women and men in our lives… [Read More]

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