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A. Evermore is the author of The Goddess Prophecies epic fantasy series. She has been exploring other worlds and writing fantasy stories ever since she came to planet earth. Despite holding a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Religion, and a Masters degree in Computer Science, living in fantasy worlds will always be her true passion. Which is why she left her successful career in The City to embark upon her first love; writing fantasy. She especially loves to write visionary fiction and noblebright epic fantasy stories.Originally from Somerset, England, where she eternally hunts for Excalibur, she has been living in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe for many years. Aside from writing, she spends time working, feeding wild birds, talking to trees, swimming, cycling, snorkelling and playing with swords. Having lived in the mountains, she realised she is a sea-based creature, and now lives by the ocean.Already a fan of A. Evermore's soul-filled fantasy? Then join the ravens and sign up to her no spam newsletter here: aevermore.com/sign-up

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