About Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide

I am Akintomide Ifedayo Adigwe. A Nigerian by birth and thirty six years old. Been writing actively for almost fifteen years. My goal is to have my books read and appreciated by billions, I strive to let my work serve as an encouragement to readers and I hope with time and God this will all be a reality

Ifedayo Adigwe Akintomide’s Books

I, Terrorist

In an unnamed nation, at an unspecified time, unrest and trouble begins to stir. The government is unconcerned about the people they govern, choosing instead to enrich themselves from the nations coffers. Militancy and extremism Starts to rear its ugly head. A boy and his family learn first hand how steep the cost of the… [Read More]


In a sleepy town called Oraromi, peace and tranquility reign supreme. It is the sort of town where nothing ever happens. That is until a young student who makes a habit of mocking a mad man who wanders around the town is bitten by the man after one such mocking episode. This marks the beginning… [Read More]


The concluding part of an exciting trilogy. As the Event draws near, Swift and Might travel the globe searching for a way to breech Nephilim and rescue Brainwave. Other interested parties spring up, hatching a plot to exterminate Gerald Summers, who is the scientist destined to bring about the apocalypse. When the assassination attempt fails,… [Read More]


After the events in Oraromi, the Evonso Virus has spread beyond the boundaries of Ondo into many towns and cities across the country. Lagos is one of the first cities to be overrun by the infected. The infection spreads like wildfire giving the government no other recourse than to resort to extreme measures. Meanwhile another… [Read More]

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