About Jessie L. Best

Jessie L. Best creates delightful, magical, fantasy adventures for children. She writes to make the unbelievable become real for her young readers. Truly believing imagination is a wonderful learning tool that can help to stimulate creativity in young minds, Jessie L. Best strives to become a storyteller whose tales will be remembered into adulthood.

Jessie L. Best’s Books

The Elf Who Didn’t Like Christmas

It was a long and lonely trek through a howling blizzard! When Santa’s smallest elf feels left out of Santa’s busy Christmas preparations, he decides to run away from his first Christmas at Santa’s. As he heads out, Ralph struggles through a terrific snowstorm! This is the tale of the misadventures of Santa’s smallest elf… [Read More]

Krikkit’s Shoes

Krikkit’s Shoes: D’Arragon Prophecy Krikkit’s life changes when she finds a mystical pair of shoes. Transported to a world much different from her own, the 10 year old schoolgirl discovers kings, queens and a royal dynasty under seige. A long ago prophecy is about to come true, threatening the D’Arragon dynasty. With the guidance of… [Read More]

Molly Spungle

A Heroic Tale of a fairy With A Big Heart! An enchanting tale with themes of friendship, loyalty, bravery, and the triumph of good over evil, woven through it’s pages! Molly, a beautiful young fairy, flees for her life from a mad sorcerer who will stop at nothing to possess her magic. Stumbling lost through… [Read More]

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