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Pastor Casey E. Adams currently serves as Associate Pastor of Elim Seventh-day Adventist Church, teacher at Elim Junior Academy, and Founder and President of Abundant Living Ministries. Known for his vivacious preaching style, visionary leadership, and unshakeable faith in the power of God working through the church, Pastor Adams has reached hundreds of lives through his ministry. Between leading numerous outreach initiatives, revivals, and mentoring programs, Pastor Adams has also played a major role in growing the membership of his church and spreading the word of God throughout the South. He has also spent a great deal of time conducting seminars and training workshops for church leadership and ministry leaders across North America. To put it simply, Pastor Adams is a trusted partner among leaders and congregations around the nation who share his excitement and passion for spreading God’s love, and for sharing the awesome power and truth of his message.

Casey E Adams’ Books

Breaking Generational Curses

As we travel through life’s journey, most of us have struggled with understanding where some of our bad habits, problems and addictions originate. Whether it is dealing with drugs, alcohol addictions, sexual addictions, anger, divorce, procrastination, promiscuity, depression, and a host of other negative issues we face. What we fail to comprehend is that most… [Read More]

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