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Abi Austen is an army veteran who has served more than six years on combat operations since 2001. She is a retired officer, a former paratrooper and an award-winning war correspondent and film-maker.

Her first book, 'Lord Roberts' Valet', tells the story of her three years service with the US Army in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Abi worked at close quarters with the leaders and commanders who ran the war. She reveals the waste, the madness and the egotism that governed the conduct of the longest war in US history.

Her story is 100% true; and is shocking in its veracity. Lord Roberts' Valet is the Klondike meets Mad Max meets The Alamo.


Abi Austen’s Books

Lord Roberts’ Valet

Lord Roberts’ Valet is a story of fighting and freedom in the world’s most dangerous place. It is a tale of oversized intentions, overinflated egos, misinformation, and sacrifice and heroism that will take your breath away. And it’s completely, 100 percent true. Serving alongside the United States Army in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, for three years,… [Read More]

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