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Born in Florida, now residing in Louisiana where researching the Bible is the favorite past-time.  Multiple college degrees which include a Masters degree with emphasis on Information Science and another Masters degree with emphasis on Educational technology contribute to his drive to research topics and then to share them with others.  The Bible and his church are the foundations that have carried the author through trials, heartaches, and tribulation.  It has been the journey down the road of hardship that inspired the author to write and publish these works.  It is the goal of these works to help others that may be experiencing the issues discussed in the author's books.


Aaron Dupree Beck’s Books

Who’s Watching the Master’s Sheep:

This book takes a look at the dangers of discarding teaching to focus entirely on preaching to the lost alone. This book is written by a saint of God therefore the view is from the pew instead of the pulpit. All pastors should read this book in order to recognize a very real threat to… [Read More]

For the Gospel’s Sake

This book is the first in a series to look at some of the challenges facing the church today. Both biblical and secular information is used to look at where the church stands on different issues. In this book a look is taken at saints drinking wine.

The Flower Comes Before the fruit

This is a book that was written in a very dark and troubling of my life in which I was ready to just throw my hands up and quit the church.  However, the contents of this book was laid on my heart when a man of God came and ministered to our church. If you… [Read More]

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