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A.G. Billig began writing short stories at the age of 8. Imagining plots and characters became her favorite pastime, leaving little time for playing with toys and dolls.
Soon after, she started taking part in national literary contests and children magazines featured her creations. The grown-ups acknowledged her gifts, speaking on radio, TV and in print about the 13-year-old writer. They also awarded her with several first prizes in the most important national writing contest for young people in short story, reportage and drama categories.

At fifteen A.G. finished her first novel. The book got good reviews from critics but because of a troubled economical and political climate at the time it was never published. Undeterred, she concentrated on her academic studies, finished high school and, maybe, knowing that one day she would write fiction for the native English speakers, she decided to attend the prestigious University of Bucharest, The Faculty of Foreign Languages (English-French). As a student, she discovered that she could express her creativity as a journalist. She wrote articles and interviews for several newspapers and magazines, she was a TV host and a radio presenter. In addition, she developed a career in communication, as a PR Consultant.

As the daughter of a French father and an Eastern European mother, A.G. is a natural born traveler, most of the time by imagination. She sees herself as a world citizen who crosses the imaginary frontiers between countries, wandering from place to place, admiring the beauty of the Earth, and feeling the warmth of the Sun, the caress of the waves, discovering the universal soul of mankind.

Her trips took her across Europe, to the Americas. It was during a spiritual journey to Brazil to the magical land of Abadiania, at the end of 2010, that she decided to take up writing again.

“Everything in life happens for a reason. That reason is to help us growth, to make us happy. As soon as we understand this, we understand the language spoken by the Universe, reflected in the small or big happenings we usually put down to coincidence or luck but what I’d rather call synchronicities. You know, being at the right time, in the right place, with the right person….”

A year and half later, armed with four of her best short stories and without even knowing about the existence of MP Publishing, Billig ran into Mark Pearce and Maria Smith at the London Book Fair. The rest is history, or to be more precise, her debut volume Four Doors and Other Stories, traditionally published by MP Publishing in November 2012.

Attending The London Book Fair and BooksGoSocial Writers’ Conference in 2015 helped her realize the opportunities of being  a self-publsihing author. She has recently finished the first draft of a new short stories collection and she is preparing to self-publish her first self-help book, “I Choose Love: A Journey from Fear to Love.” 

A. G. Billig’s Books

I Choose Love

Are you afraid you’ll end up alone? That you’ll never find true love and experience happiness in your life? Discover six powerful tools that will help you overcome fear and finally experience true and lasting love in your life. These tools will also help you build happy and fulfilling relationships with your family members, friends,… [Read More]

Four Doors And Other Stories

A handkerchief left on a table. A young boy at an Indian circus. A Spaniard spinning on the dance floor. A pianist returning home to her first and true love. Four Doors and Other Stories sparkles with unique characters and startling images, each one walking the line between dream and reality. The twelve stories in… [Read More]

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