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Fatima Abdallah is a Nigerian,  self-Published Author of  a novel titled”Finding Maryama”, a collection of short stories and ”Tales by Moonlight” on, the amazon and the...  Read More
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For more than 25 years, Abraham has explored esoteric themes, specifically in the area of Kabbalah. Abraham began to ask himself if there was something that, without...  Read More
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Students have always been asking me the same question "will you write my essay for me"? And I decided to start my career as a professional academic...  Read More
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Get instant access to FREE ebooks and resource guides: “The Secrets of Animal Communication Revealed” go to Have a Lost Pet? For a comprehensive FREE LOST...  Read More
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Zoltán Andrejkovics born in 1985, MD of Myrmidons eSport team, married and father of one. He always had an interest in fields of interpersonal psychology, team dynamics,...  Read More
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Author of upcoming book, ELDERS ROCK! Don’t Just Get Older: Become an Elder Available for Pre-Order on Amazon for $0.99. Delivered after Oct 27.