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Author of “Mind Machines In Motion” &   Author of “Smiley’s Short Story Teen Books: Farmer Boy”   Special Book Released: “Kornelia Kiwi Cosplay Photo Book”
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Julia Ash   
WORK HISTORY: Seventeen years with local school system, the last 11 in the capacity of Public Relations Coordinator, including PR writer, webmaster, and social media facilitator; Contributor...  Read More
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Thank you for all your support over the years in writing Ethan Templeton.                             ...  Read More
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 Food fiction and cookbook author, storyteller, writing coach, and lecturer  -     Monica Bhide is an internationally renowned writer known for sharing food, culture, love, and...  Read More
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A.G. Billig began writing short stories at the age of 8. Imagining plots and characters became her favorite pastime, leaving little time for playing with toys and...  Read More
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Donna Dechen Birdwell's writing is informed by a lifetime as a student of humanity and by her travels to many countries, several of which (Belize, Ireland, Nepal)...  Read More