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My real name is Ugochukwu Robert Elele but my religion name is Guru Guna Krishna and I am an author and also a music artist.
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30 years in  the real estate business in sales, brokerage and education. I love to share may experience with clients and help other Realtors be of more...  Read More
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I was born in England and have lived and worked in France and Ireland for the last few years; now resident in Ireland. My interests are many...  Read More
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As an entrepreneur with attention deficit, I'm always seeking, looking, feeling life around me. An agnst within is pushing me to write about experiences and thoughts. So,...  Read More
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I am a retired teacher from South Africa now living in New Zealand. I still do before school and afterschool care at a lovely rural school. I...  Read More
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Julie Kilpatrick is author of The Plant Listener. She is a lecturer in horticulture and garden design and has been editing and writing for online gardening magazine...  Read More