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Author of “Mind Machines In Motion” &   Author of “Smiley’s Short Story Teen Books: Farmer Boy”   Special Book Released: “Kornelia Kiwi Cosplay Photo Book”
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Retired art teacher, full-time artist, part-time writer and self-publisher, husband, father, grandfather, and friend to all mammalia.
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I arrived in Israel in 1988 with a one way ticket and $1100 cash. I was 38. I had never set foot in the country before. I...  Read More
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Erik Cloud   
Erik having the gifts of the psychic, extra sensory perception, and telekinesis in being a person to make the psychic connections to the divine creator's light source...  Read More
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My real name is Ugochukwu Robert Elele but my religion name is Guru Guna Krishna and I am an author and also a music artist.
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Ellie Fabe   
Ellie Fabe has a BFA from The University of Michigan School of Art 1983 and lives in Cincinnati with her architect husband and their two sons. Her...  Read More
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Ellie Fabe   
  ELLIE FABE—artist, principal at Beauty Panic Press, and illustrator of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Illustrated By Ellie Fabe—has a BFA from The University of Michigan...  Read More
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Rebecca Gibbs is a primary school teacher, designer, writer and illustrator. She studied at CPIT in NZ and currently lives in Christchurch. She is an animal advocate,...  Read More