About Five Rainbows Cataloging Services

Five Rainbows Cataloging Services is an American-owned company based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Founded in 2007, for over a decade we’ve offered PCIP data and MARC record cataloging to independent authors and publishers not eligible for the Library of Congress CIP Program. For a decade, we’ve served the unique needs of our clients and have been gratified to see so many returning to us again and again. In 2018, we became a subsidiary of Five Rainbows Enterprises LLC with Lisa A. Shiel as company president.

We strive to stay up to date on the latest developments in cataloging, including the RDA: Resource Description & Access standard and the Library of Congress guidelines for formatting CIP data, as well as the new BIBFRAME standard and linked data movement, both still in development. Our MARC records are 100% valid, clean records accepted for upload to both the WorldCat and SkyRiver catalogs.

Aside from our dedication to top-notch cataloging, we’re also renowned for our selection of affordable options to fill each client’s specific needs. Keeping our prices competitive and our services up to date is a matter of pride for us.